Not all cars are created equal! Some are happy to have owners who are automotive anthusiasts. If that means you - you've come to just the right place to make your car unique!

AutoEMBROIDERY made its debut in 2006 with some embroidered badges for friends, avid motosport fans. Having started as a small, 1-person workshop, we've slowly grown to who we are now - the #1 place for automotive enthusiasts seeking even more pleasure out of driving their cars! Thanks to our commitment to quality we are happy have become a respected supplier of embroidered goods to many automotive companies.

Cars are our passion

Young, enthusiastic team is the basis of our success. We take a lot of pride and satisfaction in our work. The best reward for us is to see our work inside a happy customer's car.

There is nothing impossible to us

We love working with our customers to create new designs - this is always welcome here! You'll never hear the word 'impossible' or 'not available' from us. It there's something you want us to do for you, but we do not offer it at present, we will gladly do any type of custom work you require.

Not just embroidery

With us, you are sure to find complex service. If there's anything more that just embroidery you are looking for, tell us, and we'll do our best to fulfil your needs! We can put various graphics onto leather parts of your car interior with the technology of laser engraving, embossing, silk-screen printing and some other techniques, depending on the material surface and your expectations.

Relax, you're the customer, we work for you!

We can praise ourselves with fast, professional, friendly and rapid service. The evidence on this is our clients' satisfaction and still rising number of happy customers recommending our services to their friends.

You are always welcome to visit our website and ask your questions - we are looking forward to making your car one of a kind!