The core of our offer is automotive embroidery. We specialise in automotive logotypes, brand and model names as well as brand/model specific ornaments.

If you are an automotive enthusiasts taking pride in driving a car nobody else has, a unique, one of a kind piece of art rather than just a means of transportation, autoEMBROIDERY is the right place to visit!

Here's a small sample of our products gallery:


We can embroider on pretty much any car interior element - armrest cover, headrest cover, door panel, dashboard trim, etc.Whatever is that you want, we'll be more than happy to do it for you.

Our embroidery programs are optimised, through our long-time experience, for the materials used in automotive industry. Thus, we can guarantee that whether it is automotive-tanned genuine or synthetic leather or any other popular automotive upholstery fabric such as Bride(TM) or carbon-fiber vinyl, the end effect will be exactly as impressive, as you expect it to be!


Computer embroidery is a very durable method of decoration, providing a very unique look to decorated elements.

Our embroideries are easily recognizable among others by their main features:

  • Precision and repetability of the needlework - fully computer-controlled production process.
  • Durability - high quality damage and fade resistant threads.
  • High fidelity of colors and shapes - top-grade threads from one of the world leading suppliers - Madeira from Germany. You can find their threads on numerous automotive OEM applications.
  • Wide range of products - we will embroider on almost anything that comes in sheets - not only leather but also floor mats, blankets, bags, caps, t-shirts, etc.


For the highest quality of our embroideries we use the best technology available. Our Tajima TFSN machine is able to perform up to 12 embroideries simultaneously.

Tajima is a world leader in embroidery equipment from Japan supplying high-class embroidery machines for almost 50 years now, which ensures the best quality achievable.

Our commitment to Quality

We are all car enthusiasts. We all love cars and taking care of them. That's why our motto is:

"Never deliver a customer a product you wouldn't want in your own car!"

Strict enforcement of this rule is why we are known to pay full attention customers' satisfaction. That's why you're always welcome to ask. About anything. We want you to be 100% convinced about our work before leaving your money with us.

Thank you for reading. Now go see if there's anything you like around here. :)